Mandrel bars

Mandrel bars

GMH Gruppe is a leading supplier of high-grade mandrel bars. Our mandrel bars form hot-rolled, seamless tubes and pipes, components indispensible in sectors such as energy and automotive.

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Mandrel bars are used as piercing tools in the production of seamless hot-rolled tubes and pipes. Pre-pierced steel billets are rolled to hollows by means of mandrel bars. From these hollows, tubes and pipes are produced using a range of forming and finish-rolling processes. During the piercing process, the mandrel bars are subjected to extreme stresses, and the material properties and dimensions of our mandrel bars are therefore precisely adjusted to their specific conditions of use.

Production process

A carefully selected scrap charge to produce the liquid steel that is cast to ingots in moulds or blooms and billets on our highly productive continuous casting machines forms the basis for our tailor-made mandrel bars. The mandrel bars themselves are produced by rolling or forging, then quenched and tempered and, finally, surface-finished by peeling. They are finish-machined on CNC lathes. Then mandrel bars are given a scaled surface or chromium-plated.


We produce mandrel and shaft bars to ultra-tight diameter tolerances. Up to a length of 25 meters, for example, we peel the bar to a dimensional tolerance of not more than 0.05 millimeters. We supply mandrel bars in a large range of sizes and finishes. We assist our customers in the planning of new and upgrading of existing facilities, as well as the planning of full-line solutions that may even include the production of the feed material.

  • Max. dimensional tolerance +/-0.05 mm
  • Lengths up to 25 m
  • Accessory equipment, e.g. piercer plugs

Our supply range

Mandrel bars

Mandrel bars for the production of hot-rolled seamless tubes and pipes:

DiameterBar lengthMaterialMaterial No. 
80 - 200 mmup to 25,000 mm28 NiCrMoV 101.2740Request quotation
80 - 150 mmup to 25,000 mmX35CrMoV5-1 /X40 CrMoV5-11.2342 / 1.2344Request quotation
100 - 430 mmup to 16,500 mmX35CrMoV5-1 /X40 CrMoV5-11.2342 / 1.2344Request quotation


Shaft bars

Shaft bars for advancing the mandrel bar during the rolling process:

DiameterBar lengthMaterial 
100 - 150 mmup to 25,000 mmVarious gradesRequest quotation


Piercer plugs

Piercer plugs for producing the hollow:

DiameterBar lengthMaterial 
in acc. with customer drawingin acc. with customer drawingVarious gradesRequest quotation

Surface and end finishes

  • Ground
  • With scaled surface
  • Chromium-plated
  • Finish in acc. with customer drawings
  • Case-hardened

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Andreas Schmalenberg

Head of Mandrel Bar Sales GeisslerWista GmbH