Drop-forged components

Drop-forged components

GMH Gruppe supplies drop forgings that move whole industries. In the form, for example, of weight-optimised ball rods for lightweighting in automotive engineering or of safety-critical exterior clamping levers for ski lifts and other cableways.

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We produce drop forged components from 5 kg to 3.5 t by shaping steel of a grade optimally tailored to the application in ultra-precise forming tools (dies) in such a way that it meets the customer's requirements without even the slightest deviation. GMH Gruppe drop forgings are noted for their maximum individuality and dimensional accuracy.

Production process

We supply drop forgings with the very maximum of specification accuracy: from die block preparation, via die assembly, the die-welding shop, heat treatment and the forging process, up to and including machine finishing. Our products, forged on high-power machines such as counterblow hammers with ratings of 160, 320, 400 and 630 kNm, a screw press of 45 MN and an eccentric press of 31.5 MN, are also supplied ready-to-fit and ready assembled.


Together with our customers, we determine the absolutely optimum individual solution for each and every drop-forged component - thanks, above all, to our in-house die and matrix shop, our facilities for simulation of the forming process, the supreme mastery of materials technology of our laboratory, in-house chip-removing machining, high levels of automation and - last but certainly not least - our highly experienced heat-treatment experts.

  • Heat-treatment options
  • Non-alloyed, high-alloy and ultra-high alloy steels
  • Max. 3.5 t in the die

Our supply range

Drop-forged components, max. 4 m/3,5 t

Drop forgings are produced in lengths of up to four meters and weights of up to 3.5 tonnes. They include:

Piston/connecting rod blanks for large and small engines Request quotation
Camshafts for high-capacity enginesRequest quotation
Base plates and chain links for the construction/earthmoving sectorRequest quotation
Exterior clamping levers for cableways employing three-cable technologyRequest quotation
Draw bars (ready-to-use components) for reactor pressure vessels Request quotation
Crankshaft blanksRequest quotation
Lower piston sectionsRequest quotation
Components for pressure-vessel engineeringRequest quotation
Axles for rail vehiclesRequest quotation
Other components on request    Request quotation

Drop-forged components, max. 1.250 mm ⌀/3,5 t

We produce drop forgings of up to 1250 mm in diameter and a maximum weight of 3.5 tonnes. These include:

Brake discs for the rail industryRequest quotation
Rim rollers for mining vehicles, fully assembledRequest quotation
Other components on requestRequest quotation

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Reiner Mehr

Vice President Sales Engineering at Wildauer Schmiede- und Kurbelwellentechnik GmbH/Schmiedag GmbH