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Whether it's a high-speed train or a tram: together with our customers we find the best solution to assure maximum safety and maximum reliability.

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Steel - for safety in high-speed rail travel

When components have to continuously withstand enormous stresses while moving at ultra-high speed and exposed to great loads, steel is the perfect material to ensure dependable components and products. Only one further resource is then needed to achieve optimum results: precision technological development and innovative conceptual solutions. Our experts, in close cooperation with their customers, deliver both, thus creating results that conserve resources, boost the overall efficiency of end products and ensure lasting safety in daily service.


High-speed trains travel at up to 350 km/h. But freight traffic and trams are also rightly subject to exacting demands for safety, durability and comfort – and that includes noise emissions from the wheels, for example. As a rail subsupplier, we support our customers through from the design stage up to and including the production of the component. In this way, we ensure that the ultimate products will withstand extreme stresses and, at the same time, fully meet individual expectations.



Steel's high availability, cost-effectiveness and durability make it the first-choice material for the manufacture of components for the rail industry. Above all, the mechanical properties needed for any particular application can be assured by means of precision adjustment of the steel's microstructure. Here, our experts deploy a large range of simulation and data-mining methods. Our customers can therefore rest assured that, thanks to its precisely calculated properties, their product will exactly meet the demands made on it each and every day.


We comply with maximum quality standards in the field of rail technology. In addition, our companies also possess numerous product and customer-specific certifications. These include, for example, approvals by Deutsche Bahn AG, with classification as a Q1 supplier. Our companies also possess the corresponding certification in conformity to DNVGL, LR, TÜV, and also in accordance with RISAS and CD for the UK and Czech rail industries.

GMH Gruppe's range of products and services

From tyres for locomotives and local traffic, via gearwheel blanks for propulsion solutions, up to and including ready-to-fit flanges for tank vehicles, helical springs, coupling bodies and components for brakes, couplings and wheelsets – we provide services and products for a large and diverse range of applications, above all in everyday operational rail transport.

Our range covers not only everything from the primary material up to the finished component, such as parts for points (switches) and brake discs. In many cases, customers value even more our expertise as ideas finders and solution providers. Where tailor-made solutions are concerned, they know that they can count on the experience and know-how of our experts.

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Technologies to meet future challenges

For our customers, we are not only the partner of choice, but also enablers and pioneering thinkers. Learn here what drives us.

Waste-hat recovery in the steel industry

Acting sustainably – in our own plants too.

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Capabilities that inspire trust

Top efficiency

High-precision facilities assure maximum quality in both short- and long-run production, as is the case, for example, with our drop-forged components: these facilities include our own tool- and die-making department, CAD-assisted simulation of forming processes, as well as high-efficiency forging systems and mechanical production. 


Both production and products must become more and more sustainable – a demand which can well be met using steel in rail technology. Here, we already make our own significant contribution, by means of efficient materials recycling and the continuous optimisation of our production and logistics processes.

Locational advantages

From steel production, up to and including Research & Development: our GMH Gruppe networks and interlinks more than twenty individual companies. Our customers also benefit from geographical proximity and from the robust and dependable infrastructure within our core market of Europe – assuring competitive advantages in terms of delivery reliability and flexibility.

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