Solutions for the vehicle of the future

Wherever eco-friendly, lightweight, safe and, at the same time, cost-efficient mobility solutions are needed, we find the right answers using steel as the material of choice. We cooperate very closely with our customers to enhance existing steel grades, steel components and other solutions based on steel, or even develop entirely new ones. The experts in our technological development departments employ - throughout the development process - high-capacity simulation, modelling and data-mining programs to assure the perfect solution - every time. By enhancing the efficiency of the end products and exploiting the full potential of lightweight engineering, our solutions make a highly valuable contribution to the conservation of resources . In doing so, we boost the mobility of the automotive industry of tomorrow – whether it be in the passenger car, commercial vehicle or truck and trailer sectors, or even the field of micromobility.


We make things lighter 
For powertrain and chassis/suspension components in passenger and commercial vehicles, lightweight engineering has become a topic of continuously growing significance. GMH Gruppe experts have joined forces with other specialists in the “Lightweight Forging Initiative”, a research project that has generated no less than 1,917 ideas, with a total weight reduction potential of 358 kg. Our ultra-light components are already in service today in numerous applications, including, for example, our innovative 46MnVS5 grade – a high-strength steel which makes crack piston rods 10% lighter.


The vehicles of the future are the hybrids. Our e-mobility project teams constantly study the development potential provided by steel in electric vehicle engineering for potential technological innovations for the vehicles of tomorrow. The hybrid electric passenger car, for example: as a result of the downsizing of the electric motor, the role of steel as a lightweighting material is becoming ever more important – in the form of high-strength, compact and heat-resistant forged steel pistons in diesel vehicles, for example.

High-strength steels

In close cooperation with customers from the automotive industry, we have developed two new steels: 16MnCrV7-7, a bainitic forging steel, and 50CrMnB5-3, a steel hardened by inductive heating after the warm-forming process. The key advantage of these steels is that their production requires much less energy. Our capability of adjusting the properties of high-strength steels precisely to the individual requirements of the application makes us the first port of call for all questions concerning energy-efficiency in steelmaking

Steel: a consistent driving force

The trendsetter in efficient weight-saving: Steel – material of choice for the automotive industry, not least of all in critical powertrain components.

GMH Gruppe's range of products and services

Hand-in-hand with our customers, we develop and produce trendsetting solutions for the automotive industry: from the initial idea, via the tailor-made primary material, up to and including the ready-to-use component. Our products and services are used wherever future viability, prime quality, efficiency and safety are paramount.

Steel from GMH Gruppe is used in four out of every five vehicles made in Germany - in propeller, crank- and camshafts, for example, and in various gear, chassis and suspension components for passenger, commercial and goods vehicles. Whether it's e-mobility or micromobility, lightweighting solutions or steel for the moulds used to make plastic components for premium-class cars – GMH Gruppe is always the right address whenever the perfect solution for exacting customer specifications is needed.

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Technologies to meet future challenges

For our customers, we are not only the partner of choice, we are also enablers and pioneering thinkers. Learn here what drives us.

Lightweight Forging Initiative

1,917 ideas and 358 kg of potential.

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World-beating innovations in steering technology

Gear racks move to the next level of precision.

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Capabilities that inspire trust


Its microstructure, above all else, is what gives steel its specific mechanical properties. Our experts employ a high-speed, proprietary simulation program and a large range of data-mining methods to calculate each steel's target properties to the highest degree of accuracy.

Quality assurance

To help us guarantee unsurpassed precision and quality, our quality assurance system itself goes well beyond the usual standards. We use laser triangulation, for example, to inspect the contours of sections for use in door hinges, and our Calipri Hot gauge, an in-house invention, for inspection of rolled sections.


The sustainability of products and processes is also a vehement demand made on the automotive industry. Our steels serve this objective throughout the entire process chain: ultra-efficient materials recycling and the optimisation of our logistics and production processes enable us to protect the climate and conserve resources to the limits of what is technically achievable.

Locational advantages

Our more than twenty group companies network and interact with extreme efficiency across their individual fields of activity – from the production and processing of the steel, via technological application development, up to and including R&D. Being geographically close to the customer and situated in the centre of Europe, we also benefit from the continent’s robust and dependable infrastructure, and can thus assure for our customers indisputable competitive advantages in terms of delivery reliability and flexibility.

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