Our success goes by many names

Those of all our employees

To survive and thrive in fiercely competitive global markets, we want and need innovative products and services. And that, in turn, means we want and need intelligent and creative people.

Some four million jobs in German industry are closely linked to the use of steel, and a large proportion of made-in-Germany exports are attributable to goods with steel as a major component. Our distinguishing feature as GMH Gruppe is our combined skills and resources, and our shared passion for ensuring the precise execution of each project, in line with the customer’s goals. 

GMH Gruppe employees are the engines of our business success. They approach each new task as a challenge to be relished, a challenge to be mastered by applying their experience, skills and commitment. This mind-set is a reflection of our respect for our customers: we are enablers, partners, and experts – determined to find the very best solution in each and every situation.