Group-wide recycling

Closed cycle

Scrap is the basis of GMH Gruppe’s steel production: Our steel is melted from 100% scrap. This makes our raw material recycling the pivotal point of our sustainable circular economy – not only at the individual location, but also across locations within GMH Gruppe, as the example of Mannstaedt shows.

Benefits of inter-company recycling

  • Our inter-company business makes a valuable contribution to climate protection: short transport routes between the group locations and the transport exclusively by rail avoid CO2 emissions and other negative effects on the environment.
  • Recycling enhances resource, energy and material efficiency.
  • The EAF is fed with 100% correctly sorted Type 2 production scrap.

Win-win situation, also for the climate

The fact that we recycle about 1,000 tonnes of scrap in this way every month is just part of our sustainable success story, as in total about double that amount of profile scrap arises from the operations at Mannstaedt GmbH. In the past, that half of the scrap used to be prepared by external partners as material for the foundry market. But now, we have also integrated that part into GMH Gruppe, via a joint project with GMH Recycling GmbH. This means that now 100% of the scrap remains within a closed recycling loop which provides benefits not only for the climate and the environment, but also for our steel production: we can be sure that we always receive as feedstock for our electric arc furnace correctly sorted, homogenous Type 2 production scrap - the basis for ever new, high-quality steel products.

Benefits of our steel profiles

  • Extensive product portfolio – second to none in the world
  • Wide range of materials from sustainably recycled steel
  • Customized solutions no matter how complex the requirements
  • Close tolerances and excellent surface quality
  • Design and production expertise
  • Weight from 2 kg/m to more than 180 kg/m

Tangible sustainability: Our products

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Klaus Schmidtke

Head of Communications GMH Gruppe


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