Sales revenues – GMH Gruppe

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It began with a single steel plant, and has grown into an international group with more than 20 companies and annual consolidated revenue of more than 1.9 billion euros (fiscal 2019). Germany is today the world’s No. 7 producer of steel, and No. 1 in the EU, ahead of Italy and France.

MH Gruppe operates successfully in a challenging market environment – with transparency, technical excellence, innovative ideas, and highly skilled employees. Together, these attributes ensure products and services of outstanding quality, today and tomorrow.

A project we are proud of!

To respond more quickly and flexibly to customer imperatives, the Georgsmarienhütte steel plant has invested more than 70 million euros in a new continuous casting line. The plant has been completed in 2018.

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Stranggießanlage der Georgsmarienhuette, Teil der GMH Gruppe