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Pro environment, pro climate, pro family

We are continuously developing our facilities, processes and corporate culture further, in order to meet our diverse responsibilities - now and in the future. Learn here how, together, we are getting better and better all the time.

Environmental protection at Stahlwerk Bous

The production of high-quality steel inevitably involves certain effects on the environment. This is why one of our top priorities is keeping these effects as slight as possible and reducing them ever further by means of technological and engineering advances. This is also illustrated by our commitment to climate protection, a field in which our ultra-modern filter installations enable us to perform significantly better than legally required.
Forward-looking corporate policy and practice are vital where effective environmental-protection provisions are concerned. Special responsibility naturally attaches here to our management team. In addition, the responsible handling and use of resources, and adherence to legally imposed obligations are lived out by all employees. We hold training courses at regular intervals for precisely this purpose. Our suppliers and service-providers are also integrated into the strict checks and procedures imposed by our environmental and energy management system. We attach great importance to frank and open dialogue with the public, as is reflected, for example, in our regular publication of the latest measured data from our filter installation.

This equipment reduces the particulates ("dust") content in the outgoing air to less than one milligram per cubic metre - significantly better than the five milligrams per cubic metre required by law.

On our own initiative, we are working non-stop on continuously reducing all forms of environmental impact ever further. We monitor and analyse our plants and processes in order to detect and exploit to the full all potentials for improvement. The reduction and recycling of waste at all times takes priority over its disposal. Regular environmental projects assist us in verifying the effectiveness of our environmental safety provisions.

Climate protection at Stahlwerk Bous

Modern steels that deliver the utmost in mechanical strength make a vital contribution to climate protection: they permit the generation of energy from the wind or from water with minimised climatic impact, and also the efficient, and thus climate-friendly transportation of goods, individual mobility and public passenger transport.

The chemical composition of a steel must be precisely adjusted, in order to attain the required mechanical properties in the material. Here, carbon plays an essential part. Carbon content can be reduced only via reaction with oxygen. The greenhouse gas CO2 is formed in this process. CO2 emissions resulting from the process are determined in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading Act and various other laws and standards and notified to the German Environment Agency's Emissions Trading Authority. So-called "tradable emission allowances" are issued for the greenhouse gases emitted.

Due to the physical necessities of the production process, no significant potentials for savings of CO2 emissions can be anticipated. Stahlwerk Bous GmbH nonetheless does everything in its power to contribute to the attainment of the targets set in  the Kyoto Protocol and to keep CO2 emissions as low as possible.

Family friendly

Our employees are the human representation of our success. Here at Stahlwerk Bous, we attach great importance to them coming happily to work. This is illustrated, inter alia, by the fact that, since 2016, we have carried the "Family-friendly Company" seal of approval. This mark of quality is awarded jointly by the Saarland Chamber of Commerce, the Saarland Chamber of Trades and Crafts and the Saarland Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, Family and Women, to acknowledge noteworthy performance in this field. For Stahlwerk Bous, as for all GMH Gruppe companies, the correct family/work balance is a matter of course, and is accomplished in the form of tangible company support. In Bous, for example, by means of free supervised activities for children every year during the summer vacation.