Responsibility – GMH Gruppe

Sustainable productivity

From ever more efficient use of energy, up to and including the implementation of ambitious resources-conservation projects – we are unshakeably committed to sustainability in every facet of our daily work.

Creating energy, saving energy

Schmiedewerke Gröditz's energy management system is certified in accordance with ISO 50001. Sustainable and efficient management of resources is one of our primary means of achieving our climate protection goals. They also include reducing our consumption of energy to the greatest extent possible and promoting ever greater energy-efficiency. We continuously analyse the energy-efficiency of our processes and further optimise them where necessary.

Conserving natural resources

Our environmental management system is carefully honed and optimised for our production processes and is certified in accordance with ISO 14001. But we also go well beyond mere compliance with the applicable standards and legislation, by implementing our own higher targets and procedures. We are constantly looking, for example, for alternative processes in order to make more rational use of waste. We use raw materials and energy carefully and sparingly in order to keep our environmental impact to a minimum: Wherever possible, we avoid waste completely. We continuously analyse our products and production processes for their sustainability and take corrective action where necessary.

Staff awareness and motivation

Our Energy and Environmental Protection Officers support the various departments in the implementation of our targets and publicise our energy and environmental policies both internally and to the outside world. At the same time, we promote our employees' awareness of their individual responsibilities in the handling and use of resources. We encourage them to critically examine our performance as well as to suggest changes that will further improve our environmental footprint at any time.