Responsibility – GMH Gruppe

Our commitment

We see ourselves not only as an industrial company with an exclusive focus on profits, instead we also take our responsibilities seriously. Learn more here.

Environmentally responsible steel production

Georgsmarienhütte GmbH is certified in conformity to ISO 14001 and audited in acc. with ISO 50001. Our water-pollutant and other emissions fall well below the official limits.
Our DC electric arc furnace has for many years set standards in sustainable production. Only carefully prepared and sorted steel scrap is used in this process. This conserves resources and optimises the production cycle - electric-furnace steel generates five times less CO2 emissions than an integrated iron and steel plant. All process gases are also submitted to clean-up in high-efficiency filtration installations.

Our internal environmental organisation ensures that our environmental policy and targets are implemented in practice at all times. High-speed flows of information make it possible to quickly identify potentials for improvement and take immediate targeted action. All this enables us to continuously reduce our energy consumption, optimise energy supply systems and boost our energy efficiency.

Forward-looking energy management

We use ultra-modern technologies to make our high-quality steel products. To do this, we need electrical energy and natural gas. This is why we committed to energy management at an early stage in our corporate development.
The continuous and comprehensive monitoring and recording of the usage data for all energy sources enable us to analyse the individual processes for their energy consumption. The analysis then forms the basis for high-accuracy adjustments. Our use of the best available economically rational technology also significantly enhances the energy-efficiency of our machines and other production equipment. Operating times are reduced and the level of automation boosted.

The total integration of all employees into the programme meant that their motivation to evolve energy-saving changes was at peak level right from the start. Many useful suggestions have been received in recent years, permitting a high volume of energy savings. Energy training courses are held at regular intervals, and selected employees are also trained as energy-management auditors. Because: effective energy management can be maintained at this high level only with the commitment and interaction of all involved.

Our social commitment

It is our conviction that property and economic success oblige us to corporate responsibility for the welfare of all. This is why we established the not-for-profit "Stiftung Stahlwerk Georgsmarienhütte" foundation in 2006, to mark the 150th anniversary of our company's existence.

The purpose of the foundation is that of funding projects and initiatives that make sustainable regional and supra-regional contributions to promoting social harmony. Its aims include support of aid to young people and help for the aged, for public health and for sport, just as much as patronage of the arts and culture, education, occupational training and science. The foundation also provides student grants.