History – GMH Gruppe

Each success has its own story

History of GMH Gruppe

The present meets the past


Frank Koch is appointed the new CEO of GMH Gruppe. He is responsible for overall management of the Group in conjunction with Frank Brüggestrat (HRO) and Thomas Löhr (CFO). In addition, he is tasked with organisational restructuring – including the consistent use of our new brand identity. 


Commencement of large-scale three-phase upgrade of continuous casting line at Georgsmarienhütte.


A new initiative "Future GMH Gruppe" is launched. The goal is to restructure the Group, and to concentrate on its core business of steel manufacturing and processing. 


GMH Gruppe acquires Bishop Steering Technology Ltd., Sydney, Australia, and its subsidiaries in the USA and Germany.


Upgrade of continuous casting line. 


The Georgsmarienhütte steel plant celebrates its 150th anniversary. This event prompts Dr Grossmann to establish the "Stiftung Stahlwerk Georgsmarienhütte" (Georgsmarienhütte Steel Plant Foundation).


Upgrade of electric arc furnace. 


Major investment in a new continuous casting line and upgrade of rolling mill


The new Casting Technology business unit is established. Peeling, polishing and inspection line No. 5 is commissioned at GMH Blankstahl.


On 1 October, Dr Jürgen Grossmann establishes Georgsmarienhütte Holding GmbH – creating the foundations for GMH Gruppe.


Production is switched from a blast furnace and converter to a direct-current electric arc furnace. From this point, steel production is based on 100 per cent scrap. This primary metallurgy method sets new standards in environmental protection.


Dr Jürgen Grossmann acquires Stahlwerk Klöckner Edelstahl GmbH.


Ownership of the steel plant is transferred to Klöckner-AG.


A combined mine and steel plant is established on 14 July to process local iron ore and coal reserves. It is named after King George V and Queen Marie, the last royal rulers of the Kingdom of Hanover (Stahlwerk Georgs-Marien-Bergwerks- und Hüttenverein).