Forward-looking – GMH Gruppe

Values, not just words.

What GMH Gruppe believes in

There is profound expertise and creativity within every company of GMH Gruppe. And together, we harness this potential, day in, day out, to the benefit of our customers, and for our shared business success. Responsibility, partnership, transparency and trust are not simply words, but treasured values that we put into practice.

We are a team

By joining forces, we at GMH Gruppe are able to better serve existing markets, and to successfully address new markets. As a team, we continuously improve operational processes and encourage innovative thinking across all sites. Our overriding goal is to ensure that GMH Gruppe is equipped to promote sustainable growth and business development – for the good of us all. 

We combine our strengths

GMH Gruppe is managed and led by Georgsmarienhütte Holding. The holding is the lynchpin of the Group and determines business development strategy, the use of financial resources, and key staff and organisational issues. It also promotes internal knowledge transfer and delivers central corporate services. 

We are innovative

The only constant is change – a key truth gleaned from observing nature, and one which guides our thoughts and actions. This is how our “Future GMH Gruppe” initiative encourages us to think and act. We identify with our own company or steel plant, but are aware that a strong GMH Gruppe as a whole is better able to support, protect and inspire each individual part of our business.

We look to the future, and act accordingly

Profitability is a precondition for sustainability. Economy and ecology go hand in hand. We are committed to conserving resources, and to using them efficiently. Ongoing innovation and investment in research and development safeguard our future viability. 

We put our beliefs into practice

Our employees shape our distinct corporate culture – with their ideas, dedication and personal commitment. We believe in a working environment based on the open exchange of knowledge and information. Our working relationships are characterised by fairness and constructive criticism.

We assume responsibility

As a Group comprising multiple medium size businesses, we operate internationally, and are committed to respect for people from diverse cultures and nations. We take our responsibilities as a regional employer seriously. GMH Gruppe is present wherever markets and customers offer us opportunities. Our global operations are driven by a desire to ensure the success of all sites and subsidiaries.