Who we are – GMH Gruppe

A passion for precision

GMH Gruppe

Steel is one of the most innovative materials of our time. It keeps the world moving – literally. Enterprises such as our own, similarly, can never stand still if they want to thrive on today’s fast-changing markets. As GMH Gruppe, we are creating synergies and taking our abilities and agility to a new level. We are visionaries, experts, and enablers. Most important of all, we are go-to providers of innovation and excellence in steel. And we are satisfied with nothing less than the best.

It all begins with our employees – their skills, their knowledge of the industry, and their passion. Over 6,000 staff in more than 20 companies of GMH Gruppe located all over the world work hand-in-hand across organisational and geographical boundaries – to develop imaginative solutions where others cannot see beyond the problems.

End-to-end solutions

Shared success is the result of close collaboration with our customers and partners. Our value chain – from raw-material procurement to processing, to ready-to-install components – can be extended to include additional services and products to meet customer-specific imperatives. As a consequence, we are inextricably involved in key industries such as mobility, energy, and mechanical engineering. 

GMH Gruppe is already a market leader in stainless steel, as a maker of variable-ratio steering systems and retaining rings for turbine manufacturers. Energy and cost efficiency are of growing importance for the automotive industry and mechanical engineering businesses. In this regard, enhanced steels from GMH Gruppe play an important role in lightweight vehicle design. Significant weight savings also drive down carbon emissions.

Shaping the future – with steel 

Our goal is to continuously identify new uses for steel and iron, and to push back the boundaries of the possible. We do not offer “off-the-peg” steels. In close collaboration with our customers, we develop technical and metallurgical solutions that address our customers’ highly specific requirements. We take very small parts, accurate to one-thousandth of a millimetre, and intelligently combine them to create products able to withstand extreme temperatures and loads. Everything we do is geared towards maximum precision. Working for and with our customers, we deliver answers to tomorrow’s challenges today. Get in touch with us – together, we can achieve more.

Our value chain

Our value chain begins with the sourcing of our raw materials. But its essence is close cooperation with our customers and partners. That is the basis for core products of excellency and ingenuity. And our value chain does not end with the delivery of the finished product. It only ends when all customer's requirements are fulfilled to their complete satisfaction.