GMH Gruppe, Heine + Beisswenger and Sandvik Coromant enter into partnership on Green Steel

GMH Gruppe, Heine + Beisswenger and Sandvik Coromant enter into partnership on Green Steel

Press Release

Georgsmarienhütte/Fellbach/Renningen, Germany, 13 December 2021. Steel producer, trading & logistics company and tool manufacturer establish first-ever cooperation along the value chain of steel

On 13 December 2021, German steel producer GMH Gruppe (based in Georgsmarienhütte), metal trading company Heine + Beisswenger Stiftung + Co. KG and tool manufacturer Sandvik Coromant signed an agreement to enter into a Green Steel partnership.

This marks the first-ever partnership in the German steel economy entered into by medium-sized companies with the aim to reduce the carbon footprint of products. To the value chain of the partnership, GMH Gruppe will contribute CO2-neutral steel bars (to be produced with 100% green power in the future) and the transport of the material by LPG-powered trucks. As a trading company, Heine + Beisswenger will make maximum use of renewable energies, including for green logistics to the customer. Tool manufacturer Sandvik Coromant will provide final machining services in the context of a Green Factory concept. This approach will significantly improve the CO2 balance of the supplied products. In December, H+B already transported the first steel freight with a Mercedes-Benz eActros from Daimler Truck AG.

The partners to the agreement plan to have the CO2 balances audited and certified by external bodies. By accounting the savings of CO2 and their explicit waiver of CO2 compensation certificates, the three companies are creating an important basis for the future classification as Green Steel products. The project prepares the ground for immediate action to support the necessary transformation of the German steel making and trading industries.

Oliver Santelli, CSO of the Mobility Business Unit of GMH Gruppe, sees a general rethinking towards a more sustainable supply chain: “For many of our customers, sustainability and CO2 reduction have become very important issues. And we are glad to see this happen. With our GreenSteel produced via the low-carbon electric steelmaking route, we make our customers’ products more CO2-neutral than many of our competitors. Our contribution to the climate goals may even become the solution for you to make your supply chains greener, simply by starting the production chain of your steel products with the material with the lowest carbon footprint available.”

Read more about this project and the persons you may contact for more information in our press release.

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