Okt 2022

78. HärtereiKongress + Steel Innovation 2022

Trade fair

Place Köln
Location Koelnmesse GmbH
Time all day

Parallel to the AWT Hardening Congress (HK), the new Steel Innovation Conference (SI) of AWT and DGM will be held for the first time in 2022.

Thus, for the first time, two symposia and a trade fair will be held under one roof. Meet the GMH speakers at both trade fairs.

Lecture HK 2022 - Dr. Konovalov (Coordinator Application Development GMH)

Lecture title:
Development of precipitation and influence of local degree of deformation on fine grain stability in 18CrNiMo7-6 after cold forming

Fine grain stability is an important system property that determines not only the service life of case-hardened components, but also the efficiency of production. In the case of a local formation of coarse grain, in addition to low fatigue strength values, high component distortion after hardening is to be expected, which can result in a high rate of rejects. In cold-pressed components, the local degree of deformation can have a decisive influence on fine grain stability. In literature, both high and low local deformations are mentioned as the cause of the formation of coarse grains. The complex interdependencies between the precipitation state and the microstructure, which are extremely important for fine grain stability and alter along the process chain, have not yet been investigated in detail.

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