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Bishop Steering Technology Pty Ltd assures the highest degree of precision where details count - in automotive steering systems. Bishop supports its customers in concept development and engineering design of high-tech products. The company's strengths lie in top-level development expertise and dedicated employees.

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Bernd Failenschmid

Managing Director of Bishop Steering Technology Pty Ltd

Pioneering solutions

Optimally suited to requirements

Precision, safety and innovative capabilities are the essence of automotive steering technology. Machines and components need to be optimally suited to the area of application and requirements. Bishop provides the ideal answers, suited to exact requirements with customised solutions.

Bishop products are used in all areas where the highest level of development expertise is crucial: in trucks and standard passenger cars, in touring cars and Formula 1 race cars. Bishop focuses on warm forged steering racks and power steering valves.

Tailor-made solutions for top-precision results

The basis of every innovative and first-rate solution from Bishop is the production technology. Decades of experience, expertise and dedication are channelled into perfecting technological possibilities. Licensed manufacturers', customers' and our own production benefit from quality processes which provide the best solutions.

Bishop's range of services spans the entire process - from concept development and engineering design, through to marketing and industrial property protection/licensing. Our products and services reliably meet performance and budget specifications - every time.

Variable steering racks, innovative valve technology

The electric steering gear systems installed by OEMs benefit particularly from the variable ratio of our steering racks: they provide great extra freedom and flexibility in design for improvement of vehicle handling and energy-efficiency. Our warm forged D- and V-profile steering racks in also offer advantages for all types which require a variable ratio. The features of an existing rack design also can be easily repeated and/or improved.

Our production plants

Any company aiming to deliver the best possible solutions must be ceaselessly working on improving and refining its production methods. Our state-of-the-art machines and services - and our constant determination to perfect them - ensure that Bishop and our licensed manufacturers meet the growing requirements of the market and those of our customers - every time, today and in the future.

Precision warm forging

Our precision warm-forging die and  warm forging cell produce constant- and variable-ratio steering racks . This process ensures that the racks are net shape, free of flash and therefore require no finish machining of the teeth or the rack faces that contact with the rack pad. The as-forged tooth mesh quality achieved is DIN Class 9 or better. This process technology has now been developed to the point where virtually all widely used steering-rack steels can be processed. In cooperation with MVO GmbH we supply precision warm-forged steering racks for the world's major automotive markets.

D-forging dies

The Bishop D-forging dies are the heart of the warm forging cell. We use them to produce stress-relieved near-net-shape products of consistent quality with high-precision toothing. Precision warm forging forms from a cylindrical bar a constant- or variable-ratio D- or V-profile steering rack. This eliminates the distortion generated by the high residual stresses associated with cold forging and the hardness losses resulting from carbon depletion in hot forging.

R&F measuring equipment

Extreme tolerances apply in some sectors of the automotive industry. In order to meet these requirements, steering racks with variable ratio teeth, in particular, need to be inspected usind a so-calloed rise-and-fall (R&F) gauge. In the case of constant- and variable-ratio steering racks the R&F gauge enables us to inspect the rolling curve of the pinion, the rack-gain (the distance covered on the steering rack for one rotation of the pinion) and the rack roll effect over the stroke of the steering rack.

SS11-CNC sleeve slot generating machine

The SS11-CNC sleeve slot generating machine produces highly accurate, multi-featured internal slots in power steering valves. The robust modular machine has a range of functions, including drilling, automatic loading, automatic indexing, orientation and variable slot width.

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Bernd Failenschmid

Managing Director of Bishop Steering Technology Pty Ltd

Careers at GMH Gruppe

GMH Gruppe creates future perspectives in steel – not least of all for its around 7,000 employees. We are continuously searching for new talent and seasoned professionals to join our production, engineering, innovation and business management teams.

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Bernd Failenschmid

Managing Director of Bishop Steering Technology Pty Ltd

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