The position of GMH Gruppe regarding the coronavirus pandemic

The consequences of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic also affect GMH Gruppe.

The health of our employees is our absolute priority, and our task is to protect them.


At the same time, our aim is to continue production for as long as possible. This is why GMH Gruppe started considering the possible effects of the coronavirus early on, though we are also unable to predict the potential consequences. We are currently planning for conceivable scenarios and preparing ourselves for potential cases (and suspected cases) of illness in the workforce and our surroundings. Whereby we are following the recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute.

We are raising awareness in the workforce about the necessary hygiene measures via fact sheets. These measures include, for example, thorough handwashing, no handshakes, coughing and sneezing safely, regular airing of workplaces, and maintaining a safe distance to others. Rules of conduct have also been issued, particularly regarding how to deal with external visitors. All planned visits have therefore been postponed, and appointments are to be carried out via telephone or videoconferences where possible. Business trips have been almost entirely cancelled in line with instructions from the authorities. If no alternative is possible, meetings may take place only under strict compliance with the hygiene measures. Communication methods that reduce personal contact as much as possible will be used for all internal, larger and non-production-relevant meetings, as well as contacts with customers and suppliers. Depending on the activities involved, work will be carried out at home where possible. All works tours have been cancelled until further notice and the canteens have been closed down.

We are reducing procurement risks resulting from interrupted supply chains by stockpiling particular primary materials and other basic materials. The company has built up security stocks of input materials of importance for us – particularly those coming from high-risk areas. We are carefully observing and analysing developments that pose a risk to transportation due to border closures and traffic restrictions. We are currently relying on political promises regarding the free movement of goods. At present we can continue production and maintain deliveries.

It is not yet possible to predict the consequences that a slowdown of the economy would have for us. We will keep you informed about current developments and any effects on GMH Gruppe. Please get in touch with your usual contact at our company if you have any detailed enquiries.

Glückauf and stay healthy!