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The future needs steel

Messe Düsseldorf has announced the new dates for the wire 2020 trade fair. It will now take place from 7 to 11 December 2020. As not all members of our sales team will be available around the newly scheduled dates, we will be making intensive use of new digital channels to enter into technical dialogue with our customers during the trade fair. So - be prepared for lots of fascinating and useful new information.


Electric steelmaking: Less emissions – even today!

For no less than 25 years now, Georgsmarienhütte has been producing steel in the most sustainable way known: in the electric arc furnace. Electric steelmaking causes five times less CO2 than the BF-BOF steelmaking route. This equates to 26 million tonnes of CO2 saved so far. And every year signifies another million tonnes less. This means that, even today, we are playing our part – day in, day out – in reducing the emissions of the steel industry.

100% scrap charge, 100% sustainability

We produce steel from 100 percent scrap. As a comparison: the average scrap rate in the steel industry amounts to only 44 percent. This alone makes us a sustainability champion. The big advantage of steel scrap is that it is infinitely recyclable and that, every time it is recycled, its ecological footprint becomes smaller. EU-wide, steel scrap saves almost 160 million tonnes of CO2 every year.

Green electricity for green production

We are constantly striving to reduce our emissions. Here, our success largely depends on the type of energy we use: as soon as we are in a position to operate our facilities on green electricity, our emissions will decrease by another two thirds. The continuing expansion of an efficient infrastructure for green electricity and hydrogen in Europe thus plays a crucial role in achieving climate-neutral steel production.

Further highlights

Innovative solutions

We have the ideas and products in steel to shape the future – hand-in-hand with you: lighter, stronger, offering even greater precision and higher efficiency – and unerringly sustainable. How do we do it? We will be pleased to explain it to you – with the focus on already successful and new, innovative products.

Efficiency in mobility

Steel will continue to play a pivotal role in future automotive engineering. Even now, for example, we can produce components in our innovative steel grade 46MnVS5 that, despite their lower weight, withstand even higher in-service-stresses. We will spotlight for you GMH Gruppe products that assure worldwide mobility – today and tomorrow.

The complete value chain from a single source

Our team is made up of proven innovators, application experts and enablers that assure you get all the top-quality solutions and services you need from one single source - along the complete process chain, from procurement and processing of the raw materials, up to and including the ready-to-install component. We are your guarantee of innovation, outstanding quality and close cooperation with you, our customers and partners. Just contact us! We look forward to hearing from you.

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