Company Profile – GMH Gruppe

Our most essential resource: know-how

GMH Akademie GmbH

The GMH Akademie provides the companies of GMH Gruppe with the knowledge and capabilities that their employees will need both now and in the future. Highly experienced lecturers and coaches ensure that state-of-the-art skills are mastered and up-to-the-minute knowledge imparted.

Our claim

Technologies are constantly advancing and evolving, most especially in our times of accelerating digitalisation. Increasingly, too, highly developed skills are what count - in purchasing, marketing and sales, for example, and also in staff management and business administration. We at the GMH Akademie are responsible for meeting these growing and ever more varied demands for employees and managerial staff with a diverse and wide-ranging spectrum of in-service training provisions that qualify employees and managers to meet even today the challenges they will face tomorrow - individually, efficiently, and with unerring practical orientation.

Good training - the key to success

Our range of training provisions is highly diversified and includes seminars, instruction courses and workshops. All are used to impart the knowledge and skills needed for the success of an industrial enterprise. One main focus is on our supra-disciplinary seminars, which strengthen the capabilities needed in many diverse fields of work and in companies in every industry. One-on-one coaching sessions, team development programmes and in-service training individually tailored to the customer's needs augment our range. The scope of our training activities thus grows not only with the needs of our employees, but also with the times. We are, for example, increasingly offering new formats, such as our in-house developed e-learning courses - always with the aim of optimally preparing GMH Gruppe's employees for the future.