FAQs – GMH Gruppe

The most common questions

Your application to GMH Gruppe

Whenever people take their first steps into a new world of work, they have questions. So we have put together answers to the questions typically posed by potential recruits to GMH Gruppe.


Are job postings up-to-date?

Yes, the vacancies listed are always current and available. Once an appointment has been made, the corresponding opening is removed from the portal.

Who should my letter of application be addressed to?

As we often do not name anyone in our job postings, we suggest you simply open with “Dear Sir / Madam”.

What is GMH Gruppe’s preferred application method/channel?

If not otherwise stated in the job description, we prefer online applications.
Further information is available in the application guide section of this website.

Can I submit a speculative application?

Yes – via the “Initiativbewerbung” section on our application portal (in German only). There you will see a form that helps you quickly find the right company for your application.

Is it possible to call to find out more about a specific position?

You are welcome to call with questions about a particular job posting. Please call the contact given in the job advertisement.

How is the application process structured?

All applications are assessed by the respective company’s HR department. If we are suitably impressed, we invite the applicant to an initial interview. This may be followed by a second interview to enable us to get to know you better, and you to get to know us better.


How far in advance do I need to apply for an internship?

We recommend applying three to five months in advance.

In what areas do you offer internships?

We offer internships in both technical and administrative departments. Current vacancies are listed on our jobs portal, and you are also welcome to submit a speculative application.

Are interns paid?

Whether, and how much, an intern is paid, depends on a number of factors. The level of pay depends both on the length of the internship and on the type of degree you are pursuing (bachelor’s or master’s).

Is it possible to write a dissertation or thesis at GMH Gruppe?

Yes, it is generally possible to write a dissertation or thesis with us. However, as we rarely advertise specific thesis topics, please contact an appropriate Group company, or submit a speculative application – the earlier, the better.


How much do apprentices earn?

Apprenticeship pay rates at GMH Gruppe depend on the collective agreement applicable to the respective Group company and occupation.

What can I expect from an apprenticeship at GMH Gruppe?

An apprenticeship at GMH Gruppe is the first step in your career with us. All business units provide high-quality, in-depth training within a positive working environment, ensuring job satisfaction. You will be supervised in small groups by a committed team of instructors who will help you to prepare for your exams thoroughly and effectively.