Advice for job applicants – GMH Gruppe

Wanted: applicants with the right mind-set

Our guidance for your application

We value your interest in becoming a member of our team, as a trainee, university student, a graduate or as a professional with a proven track record. Our most important piece of advice: just be yourself.

And what are we looking for? The ability to make a contribution, to make an impact as a member of a team – and the passion required to put this into action. If you can demonstrate that you are the right person for us, then we will gladly arrange a date and a time to talk. 

There are a number of ways to submit an application to GMH Gruppe. The fastest and easiest is by using our online applicant management process. This allows us to respond swiftly, and you will save time and money. With digital applications of any kind, please ensure that the total size of attached files does not exceed 8 MB. And please take note of our privacy statement when using the online application form.

Checklist for online applications

For your online application, we require the following in the form of a PDF file:

  • A personal letter of application 
  • A complete CV (max. three pages)
  • References/certificates/qualifications

Content should be clearly structured, and to the point. Please summarise your experience and achievements. Graduates should primarily describe the focus of their studies; experienced professionals should concentrate on their previous roles and projects. You are welcome to include relevant hobbies and interests in your CV. The overriding goal of your application should be to whet our appetite to find out more about you. For instance, tell us why you would be an especially valuable member of our team, what special contribution you could make. If you succeed in impressing us, we will invite you to a personal interview to get to know you better.

Preparing for an interview

So, you have made it through – you’ve been invited to interview. Bear in mind that everyone now working for GMH Gruppe was once in your situation, including your interviewers. What we want is to really get to know you. So we recommend you give thought to the questions that will typically be asked, and what questions you would like to pose yourself.

Speculative applications

Perhaps you have not found a job description on our website that is really relevant to you? Or you have skills or qualifications not matched by a specific job advertised at our Group? We would encourage you to apply anyway, and present your abilities – via our application portal (currently in German only)