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Commitment with a plan

Daniel Schmock, Instructor

Daniel Schmock dedicates 1,000 hours – the equivalent of almost one and a half months – each year to work with the Technisches Hilfswerk (Federal Agency for Technical Relief). He and other THW volunteers have received a very special thank you for their work.

One of these moments that Daniel Schmock will not forget any time soon was in 2016 when he and 150 other Technisches Hilfswerk (THW) volunteers were invited to a reception with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Minister of the Interior Thomas de Maizière. Merkel and de Maizière thanked them as representatives of around 16,000 THW workers who had volunteered their time during the refugee crisis. “You made a staggering contribution to the humanitarian reception of the refugees,” said de Maizière.

Daniel Schmock, who works as an instructor in Georgsmarienhütte, has been volunteering with THW since 2003, and leads a technical brigade in Osnabrück. His team was deployed eleven times in two months during the refugee crisis. In each case it was necessary to build the infrastructure for the refugees who were arriving. “We had to take care of issues such as lighting and the coordination of transport,” explains Schmock. As the brigade leader, he was responsible for planning and managing logistics and construction.

His brigade is deployed 15 to 20 times per year. Daniel Schmock invests a huge amount of time in this volunteer role. “But that only works because the company supports me in what I do,” he explains. “The company makes a lot of things possible, and says: If the situation is critical, then off you go!”


Daniel Schmock dedicates around 1,000 hours to his work with the Technisches Hilfswerk organisation each year. He will probably never forget a very special thank you he received for this commitment.


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